Where do Panama Hats Come from?

Although one may think the name "Panama hats" are from Panama, Latin America, the true origin of the hats are from Ecuador. Only genuine Panama Hats are hand woven in Ecuador and our hats come from the cities of Cuenca and Montecristi, known for the exceptional quality of hats.

How are Panama Hats made?

All genuine, Panama hats are made from organic toquilla straw that comes from a special plant called Cardulovica Palmata and hand woven by skilled master weavers from Ecuador in South America.
The making of a Panama hat is a laborious process that we'll simply in the following steps:
  1. Fan shaped leaves of the Palmata plant are cut,cooked, and air dried transforming shoots into toquilla straw.
  2. Hat making is completely manual by custom skilled craft workers. They first weave the pattern. To weave the hat body a mold is used to gradually produce the shape where the brim begins.
  3. Once the brim is finished the artist ties off , a special interweaving to finish the weaving process.
  4. Next, women tighten the tied-off fibers to keep the weave from unraveling with a finish known as the "azocada" tightening and then clip the excess fibers.
  5. The hat is washed or dyed and dried in the sun. It loses its shape and a craftsman works to return it to its original shape. These craftsman usually work in the warm atmosphere of their home as the temperature affects the ability to reshape.

Which are the Genuine Panama Hats?

The authentic Panama Hats have always been manufactured in Ecuador. If you want to learn more about its history and its name click here.

How long does it take to make a Panama Hat?

The time it takes to produce an authentic, hand-made Panama hat varies. Depending on the weaver and how fine the hat is woven, could take anywhere from 1-5 months for completion.

Why are they called Panama hats if they come from Ecuador?

The name "Panama hat" caught on due to the hat’s origin of distribution via the Panama Canal, however the genuine Panama hat has always been handmade produced in Ecuador.

Aren't all weaved hats Panama Hats?

No, not all straw hats are created equal. While other countries have started replicating the style of a Panama hat, most are not made of Toquilla straw, and are usually made of lesser materials and quality. Only genuine Panama hats are hand-made by artisans in Ecuador and have lasting quality.

What’s the best way to care for Panama hats?

While our hats are the best quality, you should never put anything heavy on the surface of the cap, nor bend too hard like paper. To remove wrinkles or reshape a brim, place a damp cloth on the area of your hat, then set your iron at a moderate temperature to iron and reshape it with your hands. We recommend you do not wear your hat in rainy conditions as it could lose its shape. For more tips on how to care for your hat visit our Care Guide or Contact Us to arrange for our team to service your hat.

How To buy a Panama hat?

Puravida.co.com carries a wide variety of Panama hats in different styles, sizes, and weaves. To buy a hat we suggest the following steps:
  • Find your size — take a measuring tape and measure from the middle of your forehead around your entire head. Be sure to note if the measurement is Inches or Centimeters.
  • Use this table to find the hat size that matches your measurement.
  • If you already know your head size and want to find your size per UK and French sizes, please click here.
  • If you need any assistance please contact us + 1 (647) 847-5344 or by email customercare@puravida.co.com, we will be delighted to attend your inquiries.

Are the Panama Hats Unisex?

Most of the hats are unisex, that is why many styles can be seen in both Men and Women's sections.

Do you ship to countries outside Canada?

Yes, please contact us now sales@puravida.co.com or or call + 1 (647) 847-5344 and we will be delighted to immediately attend your request (Shipping charges vary due to the shipping country).

What are the shipping fees for a Panama Hat?

The shipping fees vary depending on the state or country you are shipping to. Once you’ve added a product to the cart the system will calculate the shipping cost based on your zip code, size, and weight of your product. The cost for shipping fees will be calculated before you submit your order.

What are the international shipping Rates?

The rates for international shipping are set by Canada Post and UPS, and will depend on the postal fees (weight and freight) of the country it's being shipped to.

What about Taxes & Tariffs?

All of the taxes and duties of the receiving country are responsibility and will be paid by the client.

How long it will take my order to arrive?

Retail orders will be shipped within 24 to 48 hours after receiving the final confirmation of the order as well as the total payment. Only in special cases (such as premium quality hats), will it take a little bit longer than usual, due to the handmade characteristic. This information will be provided with anticipation.

All our products will be send via our partners CANADA POST or UPS, all orders are sent within 24 hours after receiving the final confirmation of the order. You will be able to check the status of your shipment by visiting CANADA POST or UPS websites.

Can I Cancel my order?

If you need to change/cancel your order, email us to customercare@puravida.co.com and we will try to help you in every way we can. In some cases we will be able to modify/cancel your order (only if it has not been shipped), but in some cases it will not be possible. We will try our hardest to help you.

Can I Exchange my product?

According to the general PURA VIDA policies, exchanges cannot be made. Nevertheless, if you wish to exchange a recently purchased product for another one of the same style but different size, please contact us to customercare@puravida.co.com no longer than 48 hours after receiving your product and we will go over your order. The final decision will be communicated to you within a period of 72 hours.

All of the extra charges brought by the exchange of products will be covered by the client.

Can I return my product?

Products can be returned only if the product was defected from origin.

What should I do if I receive a damaged/wrong item?

We at PURA VIDA ensure sending all our products in excellent condition. Furthermore, it will be send with branded elegant corrugated boxes. In case of any damage, please contact our Customer Care Dept. and you will get a reply within 48 Hours.

Mishaps could rarely occur as all orders are system and code generated.

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